Children's Books

Cardslinger by M.G. Velasco | ARC Review | Booksmagick

Shuffle's Dad has disappeared years ago on an expedition and is believed to be dead. But then Mythic - a card game he and his Dad invented - hits the market. Only, that's impossible! Shuffle finds a mysterious card in his Mythic deck and realises his Dad is still alive. Shuffle follows the clues which take him on a dangerous journey across the plains of America. Soon enough not only bounty hunters are on his trail.

Fantasy, LGBTQIA+

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames | Review | Booksmagick

Clay Cooper used to be a member of the most famous mercenary band in all of Gradual - Saga. However, the band has been disbanded long ago and the warriors have grown old and rusty. But now Gabriel needs Saga to be united again: his daughter is trapped in Castia, a city besieged by a Heartwyld Horde and only Saga would be brave (and stupid) enough to try and break the siege.

LGBTQIA+, Manga/Graphic Novel/Comic

Der Mann meines Bruders Bd. 1 + 2 | Rezension | Booksmagick

Worum geht's? Der alleinerziehende Yaichi ist völlig überrumpelt, als Mike - der Mann seines kürzlich verstorbenen Zwillingsbruders Ryoji - auf seiner Schwelle auftaucht und den Familienalltag auf den Kopf stellt. Die kleine Kana ist völlig aus dem Häuschen und löchert ihren Onkel mit Fragen. Was ich darüber denke Mit Klick aufs Cover geht's zur Verlagsseite!… Continue reading Der Mann meines Bruders Bd. 1 + 2 | Rezension | Booksmagick

Jugendbuch, Thriller

Unland von Antje Wagner | Rezension | Booksmagick

Franka ist neu in Haus Eulenruh, ein Wohnprojekt für Kinder und Jugendliche. Sie lebt sich schnell ein, doch irgendetwas an Waldburgen ist seltsam. Zum einen ist da Unland, eine rußverfärbte Ruinenlandschaft hinter einem Elektrozaun, über die niemand sprechen will. Dann passieren seltsame Dinge in Waldburgen und Franka beginnt nachzuforschen.

Manga/Graphic Novel/Comic

Black Torch Vol. 1-3 by Tsuyoshi Takaki | Review | Booksmagick

Jiro has been trained in Shinobi art his whole life but to his granddad's great dismay gets into street fights too often. Gifted with the ability to talk to animals, Jiro doesn't hesitate to save an injured cat which turns out to be a Mononoke called Rago. Rago is hunted by other Mononoke but Jiro hasn't gone through all the trouble of nursing Rago back to health only to see him killed on his watch.