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Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller | Review | Booksmagick

What’s it about?

Captain Alosa Kalligan is the daughter of the most feared pirate to roam the seas. With her crew behind her she never backs down from a challenge, never fails a mission. But now she has let herself be captured by enemy pirates to steal a map. A map that leads to the greatest treasure any pirate has ever seen.

What I think about it

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I am back and this time with a genre of book that you rarely see me reading. Those who know me will wonder what I the hell I am doing with a YA novel that crosses into romantasy. Well, my gay heart couldn’t resist a witty, badass lady captain with an – almost – all-female crew. That Alosa is a badass we get to see from page one. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Murder, theft and blackmail are not beneath her and why would it? After all, she is a pirate captain.

When I started reading I really liked Alosa because she is sarcastic, witty and tough as nails. But then I realised she was able to do just about anything and I started to dislike her just because of that. Mary Sue popped into my mind. Thanks again, society, for making me think that every time a girl can do a lot of stuff! Alosa is awesome and I love her, ok? If I can fawn over Gary Stu characters without critique then I will train myself to get this Mary Sue bullshit out of my thought process. I am allowed to like all the characters I want!

I immediately had to buy and read the second book!

Alosa is a deadly fighter, knows how to read and sail, commands a ship and can be downright prickly and arrogant. We get to see that side of her every time she talks to Riden, the devilishly handsome first mate of the enemy pirate captain. Now, I am not really into the romance part but I think it was well-written and those who really love slow-burn will absolutely adore those two.

A lot of bickering like an old married couple and plenty of snark. It definitely doesn’t get boring with these two.I really loved that the book hasn’t been stretched out. The story could progress fast without rushing or cramming too many things into too few pages. There was a nice balance of dialogue and description. Sometimes it read a bit like fanfiction and I think that’s what made it even more likable. To me at least.

Where there are pirates, there a sirens. I do love me some good siren representation and I think Levenseller wrote them really nicely. Or was that in the second book? I read them so closely after another that I mix up what happens in the first book and what happens in the second one. *scratches head*

Burning questions

  • If gay men aren’t affected, are wlw and to what degree?
  • What about ace people?
  • Are there lesbian sirens? ❤

What else I love are some good plot twists and the story provided plenty. One of the major ones even made me go Oooooooh out loud I was so pleased. I finished the book in two days and then actually couldn’t stop thinking about it. The cliffhanger ending didn’t help matters either. It’s been some time since a book has managed that. I knew we were the only bookstore in the entire city to have it in stock so I actually snuck into the store while on vacation to pick up the second part. Only everyone saw me.


Daughter of the Pirate King is an action-filled story full of sirens, magic and badass women. Cannot recommend enough! For those who love slow-burn romance an absolute must. The witty dialogues add a certain humour to the story and paired with all that sarcasm and snark flying around it really is an amazing book. I am also in love with Niridia, Alosa’s first mate.


  • Author: Tricia Levenseller
  • Pages: 311
  • Age: 13 and up
  • Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
  • Release Date: February 28, 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-250-09596-1

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