3 Questions About my Reading Goals 2019 | Booksmagick

Here we go, goals for 2019! We’re doing this in February instead of January because the time after the end of the year needs to be spend trying to figure out where you want to go and what the hell you actually want to do. It took me about a month but I think I got it figured out. Don’t judge, I’m slow.

Which books am I planning to read in 2019?

Maybe some of you have already seen my Instagram post covering this but here you have the picture again with some more info as I’m too lazy too type too much on the phone.

Those are titles that have been living too long on my shelf already without me reading them. And they will be read this year! Hopefully. Wish me luck and dedication and willpower. I even read two from this list in the meantime! Success!



Kirsten CiccarelliThe Last Namsara
Brandon SandersonThe Rithmatist
Walter MoersDie 13 1/2 Leben des Käpt’n Blaubär
Jonathan StroudLockwood & Co. – The Empty Grave
Francesca HaigDas Feuerzeichen
Mackenzi LeeThe Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
Joseph DelaneyThe Spooks’ Apprentice
Neal StephensonThe Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
Howard PyleThe Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
Armand BaltazarTimeless – Retter der verlorenen Zeit
Adam SilveraThey Both Die at the End
Philip ReeveA Darkling Plain
Philip ReeveInfernal Devices
Brandon SandersonSkyward
Doctor Who – Time Lord Fairy Tales
Becky Albertalli / Adam SilveraWhat If It’s Us
Chiara StrazzullaTharkarún – Krieger der Nacht
Jay KristoffLifel1k3
éclair – Girl’s Love Anthologie

How many books do I want to read this year?

I set my goal for 80 books this year. It’s 10 more than last year and I reached my goal in 2018, let’s have a bit of a challenge. I don’t think I can read more than 80 books a year, not with a full-time job revolving around books. Reading is supposed to be fun and a way to escape to other worlds – at least for me – and I don’t want to loose this to pressure from work.

Which new releases am I looking forward to the most?

This might sound weird for a bookseller but I don’t really look out for new releases unless they are from an author I already know and want to read more from. I’ve looked through so many YA and fantasy catalogues and so much looks just the same and it gets dull with time. I mostly choose books when I then see them arrive at the shop and the cover intrigues me, believe you me when I say, there are plenty of those.

Here are the four books I can think of at the top of my head that I am looking forward to in 2019.

These are my reading goals for 2019! It’s not that impressive or a lot even but I am happy with my reading goals for 2019. I’m looking forward to a lovely year full of new books, strange new worlds and amazing reads.

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