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#SixforSunday | Favourite Illustrators | Booksmagick

How’s your Sunday going? After a relatively stressful week at work – we’ve been taking inventory of all of the 90k books in the shop – I’m happy to just relax, nap and take a bath maybe.

And it’s time for another #SixforSunday, a wonderful tag created by Steph on A Little But a Lot. Go check it out, it’s really cool! And here we go with my favourite illustrators!

Benjamin Lacombe

I absolutely adore these dark and creepy illustrations! They’re so beautifully unsettling. I wanted to order the English version of ‘Tales of the Macabre’ by Edgar Allan Poe with Benjamin Lacombe’s illustrations but sadly it has gone out of print *cries in macabre*

Check out this book trailer for
Alice in Wonderland, it’s so cool!
If you want to to know more about Benjamin Lacombe, check out his website.

Torben Kuhlmann

About a month after I started working in my new bookshop there was a reading with Torben Kuhlmann, a German illustrator and author presenting his new picture book ‘Armstrong’. His illustrations are so beautiful and the reading was super interesting as he explained how he would paint every page with water colours that later get digitalised.

Check out his website here!

And he even drew a mouse when he signed a copy for me! ❤

This is too cute! ❤

Quint Buchholz

This book title translates to ‘In the Land of Books‘ and it’s a beautifully picture books for children and adults about how books can take us anywhere anytime and it’s a different experience and journey for each reader. Such a gorgeous style, calm and harmonic and it has a touch of nostalgia I feel.

Check out his website here!

Walter Moers

Ignore the Ankh-Morpork City Map

This list is getting suspiciously German, only one French illustrator so far. 😀 Some of you might know Walter Moers from The City of Dreaming Books, the first part in an amazing trilogy (if the author might be inclined to write the last instalment already) about books, literature and fantastic journeys where books might even try to kill you.

Birgitta Sif

I have only read one of the books Birgitta Sif has illustrated (yet) but she has got to be on this list because her illustrations are gorgeous and super cute! Go check out her website to get another look at her illustrations! I adored Miss Hazeltine’s Home for Shy and Fearful Cats and I’m going to buy it sooner or later for myself. I have gifted this book to many a cat-lover already. Just the other day I was showing this to two of my colleagues and both of them ordered the German copy for themselves. Heck yeah!

Erwin Moser

When I was little my mum would read me Erwin Moser books and I think I had a cassette tape with some of his stories? I remember my favourite character was a little mouse called Violetta and I would make her a small bed in a tiny wattled basket on the window sill. My mum then would ruffle the ‘sheets’ every morning before I woke up so I would think that Violetta is already out and about on important mouse business. ❤

The mouse on the cover is probably not Violetta, she is a lady and too busy to hold other animals’ books.

Those were my favourite illustrators, it was hard to choose because I adore so many more but I think I’m happy with my list. 🙂

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