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#SixforSunday | Bookish Couples | Booksmagick

And it’s time for another #SixforSunday, a wonderful tag created by Steph on A Little But a Lot. Go check it out, it’s really cool! This week’s topic are bookish couples and I’ve had a hard time getting six together.

I even had to ask my girlfriend what lovely book couples were because I just couldn’t think of any. I either ship non-canon ships or don’t get invested enough in bookish couples. TV-shows and video games are full of couples I love. Weird.

1.Tanith Low and Ghastly Bespoke

For a couple to work they have to have a lot of interactions and grow over the course of the books. Insta-love doesn’t work for me at all. The slower the slow-burn the better. Tanith and Ghastly are such a couple and boi, am I still pissed at Derek Landy for fucking them over the way he did. Not going to spoil anything but it broke my heart.

Ghastly Bespoke: Mage, pro boxer, the best tailor in town. He has horrible scars running down his face but despite his appearance he is a soft and gentle man.

Tanith Low: Mage, sword fighter and badass in general. Rides a motorcycle and wears a lot of leather.

2. Hazel Boon and Cooper

Ok, I might have a type. Cooper is heavily scarred as well. He is first a secondary then a main character in the Tapestry series, a vastly underrated fantasy series! It reminds a bit of Harry Potter (magic school and such) but heads down its own path soon. I have to admit that I haven’t read The Red Winter yet because it’s only available as e-book and I haven’t had an opportunity yet to buy it.

Hazel Boon is a teacher at Rowan – magic school – and helps Max and David, the main characters in their quest to defeat Astaroth. Cooper on the other hand is a security agent and seems unapproachable, evil and scary because of his burns. He is the cutest, sweetest guy! Him and Hazel make such a sweet couple!

3. Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane

I’ll be honest, this is about the show ‘Shadowhunters‘. Both Matthew Daddario (Alec) and Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus) act the relationship so well and it feels so authentic it easily is one of my favourite book-to-show-adapted-couple. They are canon in the books so it counts, right? 😀

4. Tanner Scott and Sebastian Brother

Autoboyography tells the slow and soft falling in love of bisexual Tanner and Sebastian – the son of the local Mormon bishop. We read about Tanner having been forced back into the closet when his family moved to a religious town and Sebastian whose religion conflicts with his growing feelings for Tanner. Sweet, heart-breaking and a must-read!

5. Samuel Vimes and Sibyl Ramkin

Of course Sir Terry would get a spot on this list with Sam Vimes and Sibyl. I love how Vimes just wants to got out and catch criminals in his old worn boots that help him navigate the misty streets of Ankh-Morpork at night while Sibyl wants him to wear quality boots to keep him warm. She also breeds dragons. A true power couple!

Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks

If we have to stay with bookish couples that are canon then I’ll choose Remus and Tonks because they are so adorable together! I really liked their relationship in the books and was super pissed when book 7 came around.

What are your bookish couples? Are your OTPs canon or not? I realised most of my ships are not canon so this list was a bit of a pain but I still got me six bookish couples that I adore. ❤

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