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And it’s time for another #SixforSunday, a wonderful tag created by Steph on A Little But a Lot. Go check it out, it’s really cool! And here we go with my favourite genres! I’m such a picky reader – not the best premise for a bookseller I grant but I make do – and I usually stay in my genres.


YA books offer such a wide range of subgenres, from fantasy over contemporary to historical and back again. I can switch it up within the YA range as much as I want without having to head over to regular adult fiction.

YA has a different atmosphere to it, a bit more adult than children’s books but nowhere near the sombre atmosphere and setting of adult books. In YA I can be sure that tougher and more intense topics are handled in a way that will still allow for me to sleep afterwards. I think I’m scared of regular adult books and their topics.

In YA I mostly stick to fantasy, sci-fi and LGBTQIA+ but from time to time I stray from my comfort zone to pick up a slice-of-life book or an important contemporary novel.

Children’s Books

Now, children’s books are just adorable, light-hearted (most) and fun to read. And here I definitely don’t have to worry about getting hurt. Does that sound lame? When I read I want to enjoy myself, I want an adventure that takes me far away from reality. Magic, pony adventures, detective stories, all are lovely!


Now I’ll get contradictory. LGBTQIA+ books often have themes of homophobia, dreading to coming out of the closet and fear of being found out as queer. I still love to read about those characters. Whenever possible I’ll opt for fluffy books where queerness just happens to be a thing or a character just happens to be queer but it’s not the main plotline. But books about finding your sexuality, gender or identity, fighting for your basic rights, I do read those as well frome time to time when I feel brave.

‘But this is basically the same story as (insert any big story) just in queer.’ Exactly! It’s queer and that’s what makes me want to read it. It hasn’t been written for people like me before. There are thousands of straight romance novels, no wonder you get bored with it after some time. Me on the other hand? I have a handful of amazing romance novels and am always on the look-out for more. For me, this trope is new because nobody has written it in lesbian before.

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Like I said before, I mostly stick to YA fantasy and sci-fi or even children’s books but more often than not I enjoy a ‘regular’ fantasy or sci-fi novel as well. My one true love will always remain ‘The Lord of The Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien but since I talk about it so often you already knew this. 😀 I generally prefer humorous fantasy to classical high fantasy so if I had to choose between Sir Terry Pratchett and Patrick Rothfuss you can guess which I’ll pick. I once tried ‘The Name of the Wind’ and it was one of the most boring books I’ve ever read 300 pages of before putting it down.

Queers in space? Sign me the fuck up! ‘The Disasters’ by M.K. England was one hell of a nice read. Review will be up soon where I get into detail why it has claimed the spot of favourite book of 2019 for now.


I’ll be honest. After seeing books all day long, handling books all day long I often just don’t want to read in the evening. Manga relaxes me and I still feel productive and as though as I’ve read a lot. It’s a quick read and it’s gentle on the eyes what with the images and less text. I enjoy the wide range of topics and different drawing styles. I don’t like people looking down at manga, comics and graphic novels because to them it’s not real literature. I got news for you, the definition of literature is everything that’s written down. 😀 Sure, a big portion of Manga is just weird, over-sexualised crap but there are so many beautiful stories out there, too! It’s just like in ‘regular literature’ where you have a lot of weird, over-sexualised crap but amazing stories in between.

Picture books

I mean, come on, they are soooo good? Picture books offer so many different styles, shapes and sizes for children to get to know books and literature. If I could I would buy so many picture books to add to my growing collection but if I allowed myself that I’d be poor before I knew what happened. I love the drawing styles and the cute animals in picture books and hnnnnng, just picture books in general. There are so many out there tackling important topics such as friendship, sharing, feminism and so many more! Picture books are educational and so important for children!

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  1. YA fantasy/ sci-fi is also definitely my go to genre! And I absolutely love graphic novels and manga! But sometimes I randomly pick up something from another genre (contemporary or something)


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