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Jakob Kayne – La Isabela | ARC Review | Booksmagick

What’s it about?

In the midst of an attack Jakob Kayne, one of the last two Healer-Alchemists, sneaks into the besieged city of La Isabela to heal Victoria Marcheda. With the Omeykhim sultan outside the walls of La Isabela, attacking relentlessly and the Inquisition inside fighting a deadly disease, Jakob has to overcome different hurdles to achieve his goal.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Europe Comics for this digital ARC!

What I think about it

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It’s been some time since I read a graphic novel from start to finish. German ones don’t really do it for me and I so rarely get to read English graphic novels and comics that I don’t really have them on my radar. I always forget how much I actually like reading graphic novels.

With Jakob Kayne it was the cover that first caught my eye, it looked like piracy, adventure and action and it sure did not disappoint. I was a bit off with piracy but two righteous Healer-Alchemists on a quest to give help to those in need was good enough for me, too. Jakob is also a Memory-Eater which means that people can never remember his face – a very useful ability but at the same time very lonely. Only Samuel, Jakob’s younger brother remembers his face.

I don’t want to get into detail because #nospoilers so I’ll talk about the art style for a bit. I like how detailed it is but at the same time not overdone on the realism. Good, strong lines and nice colouring make this graphic novel really lovely to read and I enjoyed it quite a lot. My favourite part about the characters was probably how non-sexualised they were drawn, so kudos to that!

The story is fast-paced and a lot happens in a short amount of time which I appreciated. There was Jakob trying to get to Victoria to help her but there was also so much more happening at the same time. The besiegers trying to find new ways to break the impregnable walls of La Isabela and the Inquisitors inside fighting both a plague and an invading army. I’m interested to see how this will play out in the next volume – especially after that finale of part 1!

What didn’t I like?

I know it’s a bit difficult with comics and graphic novels but Jakob felt a bit flat as a character? We sure will learn more about him in the next volumes but for now he felt a bit two-dimensional in both character and personality. I found it a bit stereotypical that he would see Victoria and then kind of fall in love with her after two seconds. Insta-love is just not my thing at all. Nothing new at all here, I didn’t like the romance – shocker. 😀


A fast-paced, adventurous graphic novel that draws you in with the story as well as the art style and makes you wanting for more. I hope the characters will get more backstory as well as character development in the next volume(s). Loved the fights, the action and the concept! And the cover is awesome!


  • Script: Sylvain Runberg
  • Art: Mateo Guerrero
  • Colouring: Javier Montes
  • For ages: 15+
  • Pages: 56
  • Publisher: Le Lombard / Europe Comics
  • Release date: May, 17, 2019

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