Jugendbuch, LGBTQ+

Der Schein von Ella Blix | Rezension | Booksmagick

Alina kann es nicht glauben, dass ihr Vater sie für sechs Monate auf eine winzige Ostseeinsel ins Internat schickt, während er in Amerika ist. Mit knapp über 500 Einwohnern ist die Insel in Alinas Augen schnarchlangweilig. Doch kaum angekommen, passieren merkwürdige Dinge und Alina muss sich nicht nur ihrer Vergangenheit stellen ...

LGBTQ+, Sci-Fi, Young Adult

Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee | Review | Booksmagick

In a distant future after a disastrous solar flare a big percentage of humans have developed a gene which gives them superpowers. Jess' parents are well-known heroes in her small town, always keeping the villains in check and Jess wants nothing more than to help do good. Unfortunately, she doesn't present with any powers. Instead Jess starts working as an intern at Monroe Industries which she then finds out is run by the local villains.

LGBTQ+, Young Adult

What If It’s Us by Silvera & Albertalli | Review | Booksmagick

Arthur is in New York for the summer, interning at his mother's law firm. The big city is an adventure for Arthur and he expects to be caught up in a Broadway musical any minute. When he meets Ben in a post office he can't stop thinking about him and does everything in his power to find him again. It's like his musical might happen after all.