LGBTQIA+, Young Adult

What If It’s Us by Silvera & Albertalli | Review | Booksmagick

What’s it about?

Arthur is in New York for the summer, interning at his mother’s law firm. The big city is an adventure for Arthur and he expects to be caught up in a Broadway musical any minute. When he meets Ben in a post office he can’t stop thinking about him and does everything in his power to find him again. It’s like his musical might happen after all.

What I think about it

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Unfortunately this book was not my cup of tea. The synopsis seemed promising and I had heard many good things about this book but I didn’t really like it.

Arthur is a dreamer and spends a lot of his time inside his head or listens to musicals. His greatest wish is to see Hamilton on Broadway during his time in New York. And then he meets Ben who has just broken up with his boyfriend Hudson and it seems like the universe is trying to push them together. Both Arthur and Ben feel that there is something between them but then a flash mob separates them. The story started off with these two star-crossed lovers trying to find one another. All in all very adorable and it stayed adorable until they actually met again and began a relationship …

My biggest problem with the book was how incompatible Ben and Arthur actually are. The first of the first dates was a total disaster when it became clear that Arthur would have loved to go to a museum while Ben is more comfortable at the arcade. Second first date isn’t much better only now Ben is unhappy with the fancy restaurant. Still, they try to work around their differences and find a place and activity they are both comfortable with. However, it felt so forced to me. Both Ben and Arthur try so damn hard to make this relationship work and it felt so cringy to me. That’s also the reason why I wasn’t invested in the characters all that much. To me, there was no romance, it was just weird.

With the chapters’s point of view alternating between Ben and Arthur I had trouble discerning who was talking. Ben and Arthur were written so similar except for their big differences that they seemed like the same person when they were narrating the plot. I was constantly confused as to what was going on.

Next up, I didn’t really like neither Ben’s nor Arthur’s friends much. Dylan, Ben’s best friend, was too much for me, he had a personality that made me uncomfortable and I didn’t like it when he was on the page. I felt as though their respective female friends were interchangeable and didn’t have much depth to them. I had them mixed up all the time, too.

What I really liked, though, was the realistic ending – and yeah, also that the book ended. Considering the course of the story, what happened in their relationship, the way the book ended was the only possible way for it to end. It makes sense and feels natural.


Not my cup of tea. Ben and Arthur try to force something that is so clearly not working out for neither of them and it was weird and cringy to read. I wasn’t invested in the main characters and didn’t particularly like the rest of the characters. The female characters felt interchangeable and shallow. But the book had a good, solid ending that was realistic and which I really liked.


  • Authors: Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera
  • Pages: 448
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Release Date: September 10, 2018
  • ISBN: 978-0-06-279525-0

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