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Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins | Review | Booksmagick

What’s it about?

After a heartbreak, Millie is ready for a new chapter in her life, far away in the Scottish Highlands. She wants to bury herself in school work and take in the beautiful scenerey and study some cool rocks. What she doesn’t need is a prissy roommate who turns out to be the princess of Scotland. Or a crush on said princess.

What I think about it

I saw this book all over Instagram and so many people were talking about Her Royal Highness. It sounded like a cute wlw romance which I don’t have enough books of. It’s mostly mlm up in my queer shelf and that needs to change. And Her Royal Highness sounded a bit like the female equivalent to Red, White & Royal Blue. I don’t want to compare those two books, though because that wouldn’t be fair.

The book starts off with Millie who is on cloud nine because her friend? girlfriend? Jude has called them a couple. That bubble bursts, wenn Millie sees Jude and her ex kiss by a kitschy fountain. Had she had doubts about that fancy boarding school in Scotland, she is determined to finish her last year at school in the Highlands.

I really liked Millie, she is a down-to-earth Texan girl who just wants to have a girlfriend, some happiness and loves geology. She has a huge collection of specimen and can bang out rock facts like it’s nothing. I love her excitement for Scotland, its nature and rocks (!). I have never been in Scotland but I desperatedly want to go sometime, even if that’s some cliché.

Princess Flora of Scotland is less than thrilled to being set to Gregorstoun, even if the elite school is admitting a class of girls for the very first time in its history. What’s even worse: she has a roommate! Flora is uppity, haughty and generally not the best person to share a room with. Still, she was not unlikeable but has a certain charme to her. Millie, for what it’s worth gives as good as she gets and doesn’t let her bring her down.

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say. I’m dumber for having heard it.


It’s obvious that the two are going to get together at some point but that’s all right. It’s what I picked the book up for, a cute, fluffy YA romance with as little drama as possible. In that aspect, Her Royal Highness delieverd. The atmosphere is light and breezy, it never gets too deep and sometimes reminded me of The Princess Diaries what with the humour, the rapid-fire dialogues and the casual drama of royal life. This part didn’t feel as realistic to me, probably because I still had Red, White & Royal Blue stuck at the back of my head where tabloids nearly broke the main characters. Flora, too distastes the trashy magazines illuminating every part of her life and family. Still, Millie is thrown in front of the paparazzi, thrust into the royal life with its hundres and thousands of rules and while she is overwhelmed, she takes it with calm. Or I just say not realistic because I would first freak out and then suffer a breakdown. So maybe I’m just projecting 😀

Gorgeous cover!

The book has the perfect length – not even 300 pages – for a book in between. Short, sweet and adorable. The author could have gotten into much more detail concerning the royal family life but chose to keep it brief which I am glad for. You don’t always need intricate books with several plotlines and a ton of characters to make it interesting.


A fluffy, cute romance, perfect for warm summer days. The characters are not too deep but very much likeable, same as the story itself. The lack of drama (except for a tiny bit near the end – a classic) makes this a good read for when you are down and need some cheering up. Sweet with a happy ending!


  • Author: Rachel Hawkins
  • Pages: 288
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House
  • Release Date: May 7, 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-5247-3826-6

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