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Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh | Review | Booksmagick

What’s it about?

Deep in the woods of Greenhollow lives a Wild Man, bound to the forest, centuries old. Tobias has never had reason to venture out of the woods but when Greenhollow Hall is purchased by Henry Silver a fresh wind starts rustling the leaves of the forest.

What I think about it

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What first caught my attention was the gorgeous cover! I love how the boughs form a face and cradle the small cottage in the middle. It reminds m of a heart that is beating in the middle of the forest and the boughs are the veins.

It’s this cottage where Tobias spends a lot of his time with his cat and his dryads and it shouldn’t be possible for anyone to find his small little cottage if he doesn’t want them to. But there he is, Henry Silver, struggling in the weather, and Tobias invites him in. It turns out Silver has just purchased Greenhollow Hall and has set his mind to doing reserach on local legends – he is intrigued by the Wild Man and the myths surrounding the forest. Silver buries himself deep in books and maps of the area and the more he digs up, the more Tobias is forced to think about his own past. The secrets that lie there, that had better stay hidden.

Tobias is one with the woods, he protects the dryads and they protect him. In some sense he is a Tom Bombadil with less singing and dancing and frolicking. Unpopular opinion but I never liked Tom Bombadil … Still, I’m not quite sure what to think of Silver in the Wood. It was a very short book and there was almost no time to get to know the characters or get comfortable with the plot. It was too fast and almost too slow at the same time; as though I was waiting for part of the story to progress – which never did – but instead the focus was on another part of the tale.

Because of this the characters felt very two-dimensional. I was expecting more, I think. Myths and legends usually have a more detached and static writing style and don’t go too deep when it comes to characters’ personalities. Silver in the Wood is the story of a myth so it makes sense.

I loved the writing style, though! A touch of old-fashioned and what I like to call careful and deliberate writing – every word placed just right, as though it had grown there. I think that’s why I was a bit disappointed by the brevity of the book, I would have loved to read more about the myths and legends surrounding Tobias as well as the forest and what kind of creatures and spirits live there.


Short but intriguing with the most gorgeous cover I’ve ever seen! I would’ve loved to get more depth on the myths and legends, as well as the characters and plot in general. What kept me going was the a bit old-fashioned writing style.


  • Author: Emily Tesh
  • Pages: 112
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
  • Publication Date: June 18, 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-250-22979-3

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