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What’s it about?

Jules is broke, got sacked recently and found out her boyfriend cheated on her. When a position as an apartment sitter at the prestigious and famous Bartholomew opens up, Jules all but jumps at the opportunity. Not soon after she moves in, Jules hears strange sounds in the night and another apartment sitter vanishes over night.

What I think about it

I borrowed this book from a colleague at work whom I asked for ‘The Turn of the Key’ by Ruth Ware, and she said I might like this one as well. I’ve read ‘The Whisper Man’ by Alex North recently and (re)discovered my love for creepy, almost horrorish thrillers with a touch of the supernatural. That’s what drew me into ‘Lock Every Door‘ immediately: a gothic building with a bloody history and several odd deaths. It sets a perfect atmosphere for a thriller.

Jules is broke, has moved out of her apartment when she discovered that her boyfriend Andrew cheated on her and now she is desperate to get a job and a place to stay. The add in the newspaper comes as a sign from heaven. Apartment sitting in a unit in one of the most famous buildings and she would be paid for it? Even though her best friend Chloe warns her that it seems too good to be true, Jules is desperate and accepts.

At first Jules is actually thrilled to be doing this job, even though some of the rules strike her as odd – no visitors, no nights away from the apartment – she is happy to be in the Bartholomew. I loved how the reader could tell that there was something weird going on in the building. I got chills when Jules realises the flowery pattern on the wallpaper could also be interpreted differently. Or when she thought there was a strange sound at night. It set the atmosphere and I couldn’t stop reading. Up until the end where everything is cleared up and revealed I had no idea if it was the Bartholomew trying to murder residents like in Stephen King’s short story ‘Room 1408‘ or if there was a serial killer. That’s what I go crazy for in thrillers! Not knowing if there is a murderer on the loose or if it’s something else entirely. I live for these chills.

I wanted to yell at Jules to fucking stop sticking her nose into other people’s business and just focus on finding a job and a place to stay when instead she tried to find out more about the other residents – most of whom were rich people who value their privacy. I get why she would start asking questions when Ingrid, another apartment sitter vanishes over night but it’s so scary! After finishing the book I’m glad she started asking questions, if it had been me I’d probably just have died I guess.

I never would have seen the ending coming, nevermind the plot twists but I really loved it! As I’ve said, I wasn’t even sure if there was something supernatural going on or not but I really liked the solution to the Bartholomew puzzle! There was one character who I won’t name because spoilers that I was creeped out by from the very first time I met them. To think that I was right not to trust them makes me feel kind of vindicated 😀


A fast-paced thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat with creepy elements, good characters and a solid storyline. The ending was believable in the thriller genre (maybe also even in the real world) and I loved the plot twists. ‘Lock Every Door‘ is a thriller that keeps you in the dark about the nature of the mysterious things happening at the Bartholomew – a serial killer or something not from this world?

I already have ‘Final Girls‘, Sager’s debut on my reading list!


  • Author: Riley Sager
  • Pages: 384
  • Publisher: Ebury Press (Imprint)
  • Publication Date: July 25, 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-52-910440-0

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