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This might sound weird for a bookseller as well as blogger but I don’t really hunt for new releases. I partly blame my job because twice a year we receive a ton of preview catalogues we have to go through and pick the books we want to order for the shop. Still, I get the ‘oh, I absolutely need this one’ feeling when browsing the catalogues. Only, I’ve found that if I pre-order them I lose interest by the time they arrive. My hunt for new books happens at work: almost every day new books arrive and it’s like opening loot boxes. You never know what’s inside but maybe your next read is in one of them. It keeps things more interesting in my opinion and I’m always in for a surprise and my joy is all the greater when I find a book I absolutely want to have.

Still, the prompt says most anticipated October releases so I’ve grabbed a handful of catalogues, flipped to October and looked at the books that will be released this month. I found five that caught my interest.

Most Anticipated October Releases

In a world run by Automae Ayla is trying to get close enough to the sovereign’s daughter, Lady Crier to eliminate her. When she does, the beautiful Made captures her heart and the girls find themselves in a maelstrom of rebellion, foreign forces and betrayal. Soon it becomes clear that if they want to be together, they have to go to war first.

Release Date: October 1

Why I picked it: I really like the prospect of a YA fantasy novel that revolves around a wlw couple! And that cover! Gorgeous! ❤

Veronica Roth, author of Divergent gives us several futuristic worlds to discover in this short story collection. Tales about friendship and revenge, new technologies and awesome worlds. The stories are accompanied by black-and-white illustrations I’m very excited about. I always love it when a book is set in the future and the author gives us some visuals on how they pictured it while writing. Obviously, I love to just imagine worlds myself but sometimes I have difficulties picturing futuristic and/or sci-fi scenarios and locations solely based on descriptions.

Release Date: October 1

Why I picked it: I enjoyed Divergent and am always up for some short stories for in between full-length novels.

If you step on Lucy Gallow’s road there is no guarantee you’ll come back. Becca knew it but she went all the same. Now she is trapped on the road and only her sister Sara can help her. The way to Lucy Gallow at the end of the road is filled with unknown terrors waiting for Sara and her friends. But Sara is determined to fight every new horror that blocks the path between her and Becca. But the road always demands a toll.

Release Date: Somehow it’s September 24 now so I guess they changed it after printing the catalogues *shrugs*

Why I picked it: A story about sisters and it’s a creepy ghost story in the forest. Do I need to say more?

Ava lost everything in the fire: her parents, her best friend, her home. In return she got burn scars all over her face that make her an outsider by default. She knows people are staring. When her aunt and uncle decide it’s time to go back to school and lead a normal life again Ava is pushed to her limit. But when she meets, Piper, a survivor herself Ava begins to come out of her shell.

Release Date: October 24

Why I picked it: The representative of the publisher spoke so highly of this book and it reminds me of Wonder by Palacio. And I absolutely love these kind of stories from time to time, to feel with the characters, see another perspective and become invested in what I’m sure is someone’s life story.

Simone is your average teen: musical geek, has doubts about growing up, relationships and sex. And she is HIV positive and has been all her life. It makes dating more complicating as past relationships have crumbled as soon as she has disclosed to her partner that she was positive. It feels like a punch in the gut when Simone finds a note in her locker that says she has until Thanksgiving to stay away from her crush Miles or they would tell the entire school she was HIV positive.

Release Date: October 31

Why I picked it: It feels like cheating a bit, putting this book on the list because I’ve already read it and LOVED it! ❤ I had never before read a book with an HIV positive black female character. And it’s uplifting and funny!

Honourable Mention of a book I actually did pre-order back in June

*chef’s kiss* Perfection. I won’t say anything more about it because I’ll post the review of this absolute gem that is 50 pages of roasting covfefe in a few days. Official release date is October 3 but it arrived a day early and I absolutely had to read it during my lunch break.

What books are you looking out for in October and can’t wait to get your hands on? Let me know in the comments! ❤

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  1. Ooooooh good picks! 🙂 I don’t know if I’ll read Ninth House because SoC was soooooo good that I don’t know if any other book by her can top that 😀 Never Tilting World sounds cool, too!

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