Bookish Autumn Bucket List | Blogtober | Booksmagick

Bookish autumn is not just reading or buying books or taking lovely book pictures. I feel like books are part of the whole autumn experience, along with tea, candles, the colour orange and fallen leaves. To me it’s a cosy time that is best spent in bed, wrapped in blankets with a good book or a film.

Spend more time with my family at home

Ever since I was a kid we would have reading nights at home where everyone just got comfortable on the couch or a bed and would read. My mum would have at least five candles on various surfaces and the only sound that could be heard was that of pages being turned. I would like to spend more weekends at home instead of moping around the flat.

Re-read Fullmetal Alchemist

Taking pics for Instagram had me browsing through the volumes and I really, really want to re-read FMA and maybe even watch the anime for a third time. Absolute favourite manga and anime of all time! ❤

Take walks and autumn-y book pics outside

I hope to find some more chestnuts to use as decorations for future posts. I would love to stick a book into a pile of dry fallen leaves, collect leaves to press and enjoy some sunny days outside.

Write fanfiction

I know if I just sat down at my desk, opened a new document and started to write I could finally finish some of my WIPs and maybe put some of my headcanons on paper. Everyone who has ever written anything knows that it’s not about not wanting to write, it’s about that blank page that gets to you and before you know it you’ve closed it again. 😀 This month I want to write one fanfiction. That’s my goal.


It’s not even been a week since my girlfriend left for Vienna for her apprenticeship (she’s going to be gone for three months :/ ) I don’t sleep well when she’s not here which means I haven’t slept well in almost a week. This month’s goal is to get used to sleeping alone and get some good healthy sleep in. Sleep means more energy to read more books 😀

Speaking of sleep, I should head on to bed, it’s getting late and I promised my girlfriend I would try and get as much good healthy sleep as possible. ❤

What are your plans for autumn?

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