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Once I have an estate (lol) I will need a place to read as well as look out over the grounds, wistfully lost in thought. My perfect reading nook is right next to a massive window with a lot of natural light. The couch or bed I would love there has got to be spacious enough for my girlfriend, my books and myself and the three cats we’ll have adopted by then. The bed is soft and set into an alcove sort of thing. A reading lamp is mounted on one side so I can read until late at night. On the other side a small shelf is built into the wall containing my absolute favourite books.

Pillows. There are tons of pillows and blankets and stuffed animals 🖤

I just crave a window reading nook. Until then I’ll just read in bed or on the bus or find myself a comfy spot in a library or at the shop.

2 thoughts on “Describe Your Perfect Reading Nook | Blogtober | Booksmagick”

  1. Ugh this sounds amazing!
    I would love to have a library room, with a huge comfy chair, and indeed a big window!


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