Five Perfect Autumn Reads | Blogtober | Booksmagick

When I think autumn I automatically think fantasy books. Especially The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. Autumn is the season where everything starts to die, leaves are falling and there is a certain melancholy in the air. LOTR is quite the same in my opinion. The elves are leaving Middle-Earth, once mighty and prosperous cities are either just ruins or inhabited by orcs and goblins. BUT on matter how dire the situation, how much pain and ruin and decay, Tolkien makes sure there is always hope and that’s why I love LOTR so much. Knowing that even if the elves are leaving, the age of humans has only just begun.

Last year I discovered Quendel which unfortunately has not been translated into English. The story follows Bullrich Schattenbart who is a cartographer and has set his mind to it to map the dark woods called Finster. Quendel are a quiet and gentle folk who don’t like disturbances, adventures or odd behaviour. Yes, I know it sounds like Hobbits, but bear with me! What starts as a book that might have been inspired by Tolkien’s Shire then follows an entirely different path. There are legends, myths and dark magic woven into the story and it gets downright creepy.

If you hated Tolkien for his endless descriptions of nature, you might want to give this one a pass. Ronnefeldt clearly loves nature and spends a lot of pages describing it – and I LOVE it! I have been looking for a fantasy title that dares to do the same as Tolkien when it comes to nature descriptions.

One of the most creative books ever written! Booklovers love books about books and this is the best of them. The City of Dreaming Books is set in Bookholm, a giant town where everything is about books, publishers, translators, words, language and authors, poets. Optimus Yarnspinner arrives in Bookholm in search of an author but ends up in the catacombs beneath the city – a place where bookhunters kill one another over rare books and where books themselves are dangerous and deadly, even.

Yes, yes, I know I’ve been raving about this duology for the last two months but let’s be real, I’ll rave about SoC for a long time to come.

Dark and brooding is the other kind of fantasy book I love to read in autumn. Dark streets, morally grey characters and crime. Describes SoC perfectly: Kaz Brekker is the youngest thug in Ketterdam but certainly the most cunning. When he is offered thirty million Kruge to retrieve a valuable prisoner from the Ice Court, the most secure prison in the world, he and his team embark on a daring adventure.

Six of Crows is full of snark, sass and action. The writing style is amazing and I love every single of the main characters. My book hangover lasted an entire month and even now I can’t stop thinking about the duology.

Let’s keep it grim but fun. Kings of the Wyld is about Saga, once the best of the best when it came to mercenary bands. Now? Old men. Old men who have to cross the Heartwyld – full of monsters, horrors and death – to break a siege and rescue Bloody Rose. Easy as pie.

This book scrapes past grimdark so narrowly I was long unsure whether I’d like it. But I love the dry humour, the action and the banter. And the world building! Especially the religion and how it came to be.

What do you read in autumn? Do you have a favourite genre for a season like me?

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