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I’m already lagging behind but I’m determined to catch up with the blogtober prompts 🙂

Me myself am always happy to read middlegrade books because they are not as childish as the books for younger readers but are not quite for young adults. I like the style in which they are written, as well as the atmosphere. Those who know me know that I’m a spooky books fan so I’m really excited to share some of my absolute favourites with you!

Spooky Middlegrade

I’m still missing the fifth and final instalment in the Lockwood series but I loved it so far. It has everything you need in a spooky middlegrade book: ghosts, teens who are fighting said ghosts, action, cool characters and an emotionally slightly crippled main character. Lockwood reminds me of Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows sometimes just less … murderous.

Lockwood is set in a gloomy London where at nights the ghosts haunt the living and only teenagers and children are able to see or feel them. Cue teen ghostfighter agencies.

I couldn’t find an English translation of this book unfortunately. The title translates to Children of Glass which in itself is a creepy title already. Combine it with the cover and the story and you have a perfect book to read under your covers.

12 year old Billie doesn’t want to move to the countryside, let alone into the old house that is said to be haunted. Creaking sounds at night, lamps swinging without a draft and odd stories about the former residents have Billie look for the truth.

Skulduggery Pleasant is one of my oldest fandoms, I started reading the series when I was 11, so over ten years ago and Derek Landy is still writing (he should’ve stopped a long time ago, to be honest). I still love the first books a lot, though and that’s why the series is on this list.

Stephanie has no idea magic exists but when she meets Skulduggery Pleasant, a talking, walking, revolver-shooting skeleton she jumps at the chance to leave her ordinary life behind. Snark, action, magic, vampires, gods and so much more!

Callum has always despised magic because according to his father it was magic that took his mother away and left him with a bad leg. When he is chosen to attend a magical school he is suspicious of everything but then starts to question if magic is truly the hideous thing his father made it out to be.

This series has at least four books but I haven’t even read the second one – shame on me. 😀 I’d love to pick the series up again because it has some Harry Potter-y vibes to it but then follows its own path, has cool characters and Callum has a wolf so …

Two more that I haven’t read yet but are definitely on my TBR!

City of Ghosts follows the story of a girl who can see the dead ever since she drowned. Her parents are ghost hunters and when they move to ghost-infested Edinburgh Cassidy meets another girl who can see ghosts and who claims that it is their job to help them to the other side.

I first saw the second part of the series Tunnel of Bones on Instagram and knew I had to read it. The first part sounds suspiciously like Danny Phantom so I’m really intrigued.

I had no idea John Barrowman wrote children’s books! I knew he wrote the Torchwood comics but this is news to me. I admit I was like this O.O when I saw him and his sister had written a series for middlegrade.

Hollow Earth is about twins who have the ability to bring art to live and move into paintings. For that power they are sought after by villains who want to access the Hollow Earth, a place where every demon, monster and creature imaginable has been imprisoned.

Do you read middlegrade books? What are your favourites? Spooky or no?

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