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I’ve been thinking on this prompt quite a lot and found it quite the challenge to think of books that fit. On one hand I would like to only list books that I’ve read and liked and can recommend, on the other hand aren’t there many witchy YA that fit the description. I’m an incredibly picky reader and a lot of YA fantasy has a strong focus on romance which I don’t like. So I’m going to present one YA series that I thoroughly enjoyed and a title that is on my October TBR.

Witch & Wizard by Cate Tiernan and James Patterson

Over night a totalitarian regime takes over and everyone who has magical abilities is rounded up and locked away. Wisteria ‘Wisty’ and Whitford ‘Whit’ Allgood have no idea what is happening when they are taken into custody and imprisoned with a farce for a trial. But they would be damned if they didn’t fight back.

I don’t know how often I’ve read the manga/graphic novel version of this series but I can recommend the regular books just as much! I admit that Witch & Wizard miiiiiiight be considered middlegrade but if you squint it’s definitely YA, what with the topics of torture, experiments on witches and wizards and a totalitarian regime. I mean, the book starts with a hanging. Still, what I enjoyed so much about Witch & Wizard is the humour, the hope and the characters. It’s dark, yes. Brutal, sure. But Wisty and Whit have so much fighting spirit, so much hope that you wanted to see them succeed.

The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams

First of all, I love the cover and the premisse. A group of babysitters who try to save the world from evil. Now, I’ve never babysat becasue I’m not that good with children and would constantly worry that they might die on me. So, if you have to save the world and the innocent, all while babysitting, you have my respect.

The Coven is supposed to have magical rituals, humour, friendship, babies (obviously) and a lot of amazing storytelling. I’m really looking forward to finally overcome my reading slump and start this book! 🙂

Any witchy YA or middlegrade you can recommend? No romantacy, please.

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