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Bentwhistle the Dragon – A Threat From the Past by Paul Cude | Review | Booksmagick

What’s it about?

Peter has everything he could wish for: a stable job, friends who support him no matter what and his favourite sport – hockey. Ever since he can remember dragons have been living amongst humanity in disguise and he is no different. But then an ancient evil threatens both the dragon and the human world and it is up to Peter and his friends to stop it.

First of all I’d like to thank Paul Cude for the free copy in exchange for an honest review. Apologies for not posting a review for so long – it’s been a busy few weeks.

What I think about it

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I loved the premise of this series! I hadn’t read anything with dragons in quite some time and I was excited to delve into this magical world. I was especially excited about dragons living amongst humans in disguise to protect all of humanity. They have their own underground realm that is connected by tunnels and I wish the focus of the book would have been on the dragon world. Paul Cude does solid world-building and it had so much potential.

The reader is thrown head-first into the legend of George and the Dragon. A story of a black dragon being incarcerated in an ice prison for all eternity. But this wouldn’t be a prologue if it didn’t have anything to do with what is happening now 😉 The prologue had that fantasy feeling to it – magic, dragons, swords and epicness and I wish the entire book had been like that.

Everything that followed after was quite boring if I’m being honest. The book picked up its pace with the showdown again but the middle part dragged on. Part of the reason was the excessive amount of sport matches. Now, I’m a badminton player myself, used to play professionally, too but even my own sport was tedious and boring to watch. Reading about matches is even more boring. Unfortunately there were not one or two matches in this book, there were several and each spanned over too many pages and I admit to skipping quite a lot. I kept putting the book down, it was hard to stay focued and I wouldn’t quite manage to get into the story.

Peter, the main character, was another reason I had to fight my way through this book. Peter is a naive goody-two-shoes who cares more about sports than the end of the world. Not quite what I’m looking for in a heroic main character who is tasked to defeat an ancient evil. Peter annoyed me whenever he was on the page and I couldn’t warm up to his friends – Richie and Tank – either.


Off to a great start into a cool fantasy world with the prologue but quite disappointing once the main characters spend more time with humans and petty human problems. Too much sport, way too much sport. It’s basically three jocks who happen to be dragons – which I forgot about most of the time as they were in disguise – who save the world. I started on book two to see if it got any better and more magical but that wasn’t the case and I didn’t finish it.


  • Author: Paul Cude
  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Pages: 478

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