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Demonic Characters | Blogtober | Booksmagick

Me not knowing a lot of demonic characters in books is a crime and should be punishable by law 😀 I mostly read mangas with demonic characters or people who have demonic traits so here’s a demonic manga list.

Except for Demon Tune I’ve read and/or watched all of them and enjoyed them massively. Akame ga Kill! is quite gory while Black Butler and Blue Exorcist are for a younger audience. Demon Tune sounds pretty cool and I’d love to read it soon. It’s about a ninja and a fairy who team up to battle monsters and demons.

Of course I can’t have a post about demonic characters and not name the most iconic ones I’ve ever encountered in literature.

Crowley and Bartimaeus both have that snarky demonic attitude and are rather bad at being the evil ones. I love how their best efforts to do truly horrible things end up becoming a minor inconvenience at best.

What about you? Any favourite demon characters that I missed in this admittedly short list?

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