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Recently I’ve rediscovered my love for thrillers, especially psychological ones where you don’t know if there’s a killer or something supernatural that kills or haunts people. What I don’t like in thrillers is when they have an erotic subplot. I think that’s just wrong. You also might notice that there are no Stephen King books on this list … I think his books are just so so boring. The creepy elements are damn creepy but in between there is just boredom.

Here are some of my favourites that I’ve read recently and some that I’ve hauled because I have no self-control, let alone impulse-control 😀

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware is a thriller about a live-in nanny who works for a family in the Scottish Highlands far away from civilisation – in a smart home. Review here.

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager is about an apartment sitter whose neighbour vanishes without a trace and who hears strange noises at night. This one has a super cool ending and plot twists. Review here.

The Whisper Man is about a child murderer who starts kidnapping children again after five years, only, he is in jail. Creepy nursery rhymes and whispers at closed doors. Review here.

The rest of these are still on my TBR. And of course I had to get me even more thrillers …

Ingenium is about four teenagers who are kidnapped but after their escape only Matt even remembers. Each of them have special abilities, aberrations in their genetic code which makes them valuable for a scientific research centre. I’m already two thirds through the book and I still cannot tell which direction the story will take which makes this a stunningly suspenseful read!

I actually got Kill Creek in English and the longer I look at the German cover the more details I notice. The two figures on the roof, the noose hanging from the tree in the background … This book is about four authors of horror books who spend the night at the Finch House – the most famous haunted house – for publicity. Let’s just say, it wasn’ their brightest idea …

Give me recs of psychological thrillers or haunted house horror books! What are your favourites?

2 thoughts on “Thrillers | Blogtober | Booksmagick”

  1. Yepp, I also loved The Turn of the Key and Lock Every Door! And I actually liked The Last Time I Lied MORE than Lock Every Door, so I’m interested to hear what you think of that one once you get around to it!!

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