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What’s it about?

Cloud has become the biggest online store in America and is even expanding around the globe. Zinnia is the best when it comes to corporate espionage, it’s a walk in the park for her to get hired under a false name. It’s her job to find out if Cloud really is what it seems to be.

What I think about it

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Whenever I told people I was reading The Warehouse they looked at me in confusion and said something along the lines of ‘But that’s so not your genre’. True. I don’t usually pick up books about economy but The Warehouse reminded me of Amazon and their seemingly unstoppable growth/conquering. Working for an independent bookshop I had to read this!

Shocking. Dangerously real. Creepy.

In a future where the Earth has suffered under the climate change and the surface is burned and dry, Cloud makes it its mission to provide jobs and deliver goods to the customer as fast as possible. If you look at it like this, Cloud is a company that provides and has the interest of its customers at heart. Cloud, however forced smaller, independent businesses to shut down, incorporated them or simply put them out of business, graciously accepting workers as their employees. And what if you look even further behind the façade?

Each Cloud facility has a warehouse complex, apartment blocks and recreation areas. It’s like a small city, bustling with activity but if you look closer people have that vacant look of cattle. Going to work, going home. Maybe go for a drink. Sleep. Next shift. Workers don’t have a day off, no real time to unwind or relax.

Cloud Watch

Every worker is required to wear a personalised cloud watch that keeps track of work quota, opens doors, is used to pay for goods – basically, without this watch you can’t even leave your apartment. Which means security knows where you are at all times. Zinnia tries for the better part of the book to find a way to move about without her watch in order to complete her assignment.

At first she had been sad for the people who came to work here, thought they were somehow lacking, or weaker, but being here this long had mader her realize: This place was designed to take away choice. It was designed to beat you into submission.

Cloud bleeds its workers dry while every company ad features happy faces and grateful smiles. The watch encourages to work overtime. Do you get paid for that? No but if you don’t do it it will look bad on your ranking. The longer Zinnia stays and works at Cloud the fewer things she does outside of work. The chapters get barely a paragraph long to show the reader that there is nothing more to this life. Only work.


Absolutely terrifying! This book paints a picture of what could happen if we let a single corporation take over the market. A shocking read about a possible future. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in ecnomy, thrillers and the future of independent shops and businesses.


  • Author: Rob Hart
  • Pages: 368
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House
  • Publication Date: August 20, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781984823793

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