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The Prom | Review | Booksmagick

What’s it about?

Emma has just been kicked out of her home for being gay and can’t wait to finally graduate and move out of hillbilly Indiana. Then again she’d really love to take her girlfriend to prom. But not only is Alyssa closeted but prom rules state that same-sex couples are not allowed.

What I think about it

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A new release of 2019 that I still don’t know what I should think of. Probably because the blurb and the premise was misleading. Judging from the cover as well as the blurb and the reviews using words like ‘heartwarming’. I was expecting a fluffy story with a bit of drama. Not a book that is three quarters intense drama with some fluffiness in between.

The Prom‘ is the novelisation of the popular broadway musical but since I’m not really a musical fan so I couldn’t compare the two but I heard the musical was better.

Emma was quite relatable and the reader really feels with her, starting with her being kicked out of the house by her parents when she accidentally outs herself. She is supported by her granny, though who takes her in and helps her fight against homophobia and bigotry in town. It made me so angry to read about a whole town – concerned parents – stirring up hatred against a teenager who only wants to take her date to prom.

Spoiler Paragraph ahead

The scene that got me the most was probably the one where parents and teachers and students convene to discuss the situation. Imagine a whole town convening to yell at a teenager and telling her that she is unwelcomed and her love is wrong. Torches and the witch trial would have been complete.

What I loved was that Emma never outed Alyssa, no matter how much heat she was getting, she didn’t expose Alyssa to it as well. It was inevitable that Emma would start doubting Alyssa but no matter what she didn’t out her, not even in anger and I really loved that.

Two characters I really didn’t like were Barry and Dee Dee, two former broadway stars who have PR problems and basically use Emma’s fight for their own gain. I didn’t like their showbiz personalities and their glam and their musical-ness. Might be connected to my dislike for musicals …


I proably would have liked the book more if it hadn’t been advertised as funny and heartwarming. This novel was far too intense and triggering to be called heartwarming. The story itself was well-written and drew me right in. Even though the story had a happy ending, I was still devastated by the rest. Damn, this was hard to read.


  • Author: Saundra Mitchell
  • Pages: 240
  • Publisher: Penguin UK
  • Publication Date: September 12, 2019
  • ISBN: 9780241428214

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