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2 Comic Mini-Reviews | NetGalley ARCs | Booksmagick

In a moment of madness I went wild on NetGalley and decided to download 4 comics all at once. I’ll be reviewing two of them here and make an extra post for the rest because they deserve an own post. Yep, that means I wasn’t very convinced by these two.

Roku by Cullen Bunn

Roku is a character from the Valiant Universe (like Marvel or DC) and I have to admit I had never heard of it or any of its characters before. She’s an assassin and can control and use her red hair to attack people. Reminded me of Flare Corona from the manga Fairy Tail.

Anyway, Roku is tasked to retrieve a girl who is currently sought after various organisations. The reason for that is the chip implanted in her neck feeding her information about virtually anything and anyone which makes her a valuable target.

Somehow I couldn’t find my way into the story, everything was either moving too fast or not fast enough. I liked how Roku explained things in inner monologues from time to time but somehow her character and I didn’t become friends. She is a tough fighter, a deadly assassin and has lost a big portion of her memory but there was little character development or depth to Roku. I realise that this is only the first volume in an ongoing series but I wasn’t hooked enough to want to continue reading it even if there were more depth in the next instalments.

I didn’t feel like the story was anything special or different from other superhero/villain comics.

Mr. Ash Tuesday by Éric Leberge

After falling to his death in his bathroom, Victor Tourterelle finds himself in purgatory and in denial. Skeletons, skeletons as far as the eye can see, rotting and according to him, spouting nonsense.

I was expecting something with a twisted sort of humour but all I got was confusion. If there was humour it was too weird for me to understand. On top of it, the protagonist was deeply unlikeable with his belligerent and arrogant behaviour.

Not really sure what to say about this comic because I just didn’t get it.

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