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The Detection Club Part I + II | NetGalley Review | Booksmagick

What’s it about?

In 1930 a group of writers – amongst them Agatha Christie, Ronald Knox and G. K. Chesterton – gathered to found the Detection Club. The goal was to meet up, dine, toss ideas into the round and challenge one another. The Detection Club honours history up to a point but tells a fabulous tale of crime, investigation and fine dining.

What I think about it

I was surprised how historically accurate The Detection Club was. Obviously, there is still a lot of fiction to it but it was a lovely surprise. Starting with the guidelines of the club, Knox’s Commandments a perfect detective story must follow. They were given at the very beginning of Vol. 1 and it was fun to see the comic take it up on itself to deliberately go against several of them 😀

The comic was fun, full of suspense and I really liked the art style. It’s kept simple but manages to get the message as well as emotions across. I appreciate that the style on the cover actually matches the one of the comic itself. I’ve been misled by so many awesome cover designs …

Agatha Christie

O how I loved her in this one! Both how she was drawn as well as her character. She took it upon herself to drag people left and right. She was taking no prisoners and I enjoyed her wit and sass way too much. She was the best part of the story!

Of course the Detection Club is met with a mystery on a remote island they have to solve. A disappearance or was it murder? Or maybe yet, a suicide? Each detective has their own theories and methods of course and more often than not they are in each other’s way. The story itself was creative and fun to read.


A fun and short detective story with an appealing art style and lovely characters. The story builds on historically accurate events and from then on spins a suspenseful tale of mystery. I really enjoyed it.


  • Author: Jean Harambat
  • Pages: Vol. 1: 86 & Vol. 2: 44
  • Publisher: Europe Comics
  • Release Date: January 15, 2020
  • ISBN: 9791032809952 / 9791032809969

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