About Me

Hello bookdragons, bookworms and bookbees!

What is there to say about me?

My name’s Fay and I’m excited you found my blog. After my last ones kind of collapsed in on themselves or just didn’t work out I’m pumped to try it once again.

I’m an Austrian bookseller, always ready to explore new bookworlds. Even as a child, I’ve always been reading and hope that I never lose interest in books. I mean who doesn’t love the smell of pages and wants to dive into the stories they hold?

What are my favourite genres?

  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Manga
  • LGBTQIA+ (yes, that’s a genre! Shut up)
  • Children’s Books & Picture Books

I don’t think I’m cut out for books targeted at adults, like ‘regular’ literature. The atmosphere is different and in a lot of cases it’s more serious while with YA I feel the focus is on entertainment. And I want to read to be entertained.

What genres don’t I like particularly much?

  • Romance
  • Romantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Non-Fiction & Biographies
  • Poetry

My problem with straight romance is that it’s everywhere and I want to see romance that represents me. So yes, I absolutely love LGBTQIA+ romance!

Give me kitchy lesbian urban fantasy romance, a bisexual warrior prince falling in love with a non-binary ace thief, a demisexual gay high schooler pining for a pansexual trans quarterback. I’d read that in a heartbeat. It doesn’t matter if the trope has been done a hundred times already. It’s rarely been done with LGBTQIA+ characters so it’s new.

I’m always down for chatting, discussing books and answering questions, so get in touch, leave a comment, drop me a mail or visit my Instagram!