Fantasy, LGBTQIA+

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames | Review | Booksmagick

Clay Cooper used to be a member of the most famous mercenary band in all of Gradual - Saga. However, the band has been disbanded long ago and the warriors have grown old and rusty. But now Gabriel needs Saga to be united again: his daughter is trapped in Castia, a city besieged by a Heartwyld Horde and only Saga would be brave (and stupid) enough to try and break the siege.

Fantasy, Manga/Graphic Novel/Comic

Jakob Kayne – La Isabela | ARC Review | Booksmagick

What's it about? In the midst of an attack Jakob Kayne, one of the last two Healer-Alchemists, sneaks into the besieged city of La Isabela to heal Victoria Marcheda. With the Omeykhim sultan outside the walls of La Isabela, attacking relentlessly and the Inquisition inside fighting a deadly disease, Jakob has to overcome different hurdles… Continue reading Jakob Kayne – La Isabela | ARC Review | Booksmagick

Fantasy, Jugendbuch

Ophelia Scale von Lena Kiefer | Rezension | Booksmagick

Ophelia Scale ist Teil einer Rebellengruppe, die sich gegen die von Regent Leopold de Marais' eingeführte "Abkehr" von Technologie einsetzt. Ophelia wird beauftragt, die Security zu infiltrieren und den Regenten zu beseitigen, sobald sie dessen Vertrauen gewonnen hat. Doch ganz so schwarz-weiß ist die Situation nicht, wie Ophelia schnell klar wird. Vor allem, als sie sich in den mysteriösen Lucien verliebt.

Fantasy, Young Adult

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller | Review | Booksmagick

Captain Alosa Kalligan is the daughter of the most feared pirate to roam the seas. With her crew behind her she never backs down from a challenge, never fails a mission. But now she has let herself be captured by enemy pirates to steal a map. A map that leads to the greatest treasure any pirate has ever seen.