Jugendbuch, LGBTQIA+

100 schlimme Dinge, die mir bestimmt passieren von Carrie Mac | Rezension | Booksmagick

Maeve soll für sechs Monate bei ihrem Vater, Claire und ihren Halbbrüdern wohnen, während ihre Mutter als Katastrophenhelferin in Haiti ist. Es hilft kein Flehen und Weinen, Maeve kann nicht alleine bleiben. Nicht mit ihrer Angststörung und dem Sorgenberg, der vor ihr aufragt.

LGBTQIA+, Manga/Graphic Novel/Comic

I Hear the Sunspot by Yuki Fumino | Review | Booksmagick

Kohei is hard of hearing and often misunderstood or has to ask the person he is talking to to repeat themselves. Therefore, he remains to himself most of the time. That is until Taichi - cheerful and energetic - literally bumps into him. The fact that Taichi’s voice carries in a way that is easy for Kohei to understand, he starts to hear the world outside his own little bubble again. Perhaps there is still hope for him to live like any other person?

LGBTQIA+, Young Adult

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren | Review | Booksmagick

Tanner chose the Seminar with capital S just to please his best friend Autumn, thinking that four months was more than enough to write an entire book. This semester the class even had the honour of Sebastian Brother tutoring. Sebastian Brother whose manuscript had been picked up by a publisher when he had graduated a year ago. Sebastian Brother who Tanner couldn’t stop looking at. Sebastian Brother who was the son of the local Mormon bishop.