Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Sci-Fi, Young Adult

Fragile Remedy by Maria Ingrande Mora | NetGalley Review | Booksmagick

Nate is a GEM - Genetically Engineered Medical Surrogate - made in the laboratories of Gathos City to battle lung rot. His mother managed to smuggle him into the Withers, a quarantined zone outside the city gates that is ruled by violence and drugs. Nate is nearly seventeen and his health deteriorates rapidly unless he takes Remedy, a medication monopolised by Gathos City.

LGBTQ+, Sci-Fi, Young Adult

Once & Future by Capetta and McCarthy | Review | Booksmagick

Ari is the 47th incarnation of King Arthur and it is up to Merlin and herself to unify humanity against its biggest threat. In this incarnation that would be Mercer, the biggest, most ruthless company in the universe. Together with her crew - and Excalibur that she pulled out of a tree - Ari sets out on the biggest adventure of her life.

LGBTQ+, Sci-Fi, Young Adult

Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee | Review | Booksmagick

In a distant future after a disastrous solar flare a big percentage of humans have developed a gene which gives them superpowers. Jess' parents are well-known heroes in her small town, always keeping the villains in check and Jess wants nothing more than to help do good. Unfortunately, she doesn't present with any powers. Instead Jess starts working as an intern at Monroe Industries which she then finds out is run by the local villains.