Review Rules

I read for fun and I run this blog for fun so all I do is for fun. Hence I need some rules concerning content and reviews especially. They’re to keep me from shooting off the rails and start obsessing and stressing over content.


If you want me to review something, feel free to contact me by dropping a mail in my inbox, leave a comment or DM me on Instagram . I reserve the right to decline as I’m a picky reader. Granted, not the best trait for a bookseller but there are too many amazing books out there that I want to read that I don’t want to force my way through a book I am not enjoying.


There will be no rating system with my reviews. No stars, no owls, no butterflies will be used to rate the books I review.


I write honest reviews. My opinions are my own and cannot be bought. This isn’t changed by review copies or proof copies.


I read and review for fun. First and foremost for myself. I have a no-stress policy which is why my reviews and my content will be posted irregularly.

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