One Exit von darkviktory | Rezension | Booksmagick

Fabiu wacht zusammen mit 9 anderen Jungs in einem Untergrundzug auf, kurz bevor dieser entgleist. Schnell ist klar, dass sie auf dem Weg in einen SEED - Untergrundstationen, in denen Kinder und Jugendliche im Falle eines Krieges unterkommen - waren. Sie schaffen es in die nächste Station, doch dort beginnt erst der wahre Kampf ums Überleben.

Children's Books

Cardslinger by M.G. Velasco | ARC Review | Booksmagick

Shuffle's Dad has disappeared years ago on an expedition and is believed to be dead. But then Mythic - a card game he and his Dad invented - hits the market. Only, that's impossible! Shuffle finds a mysterious card in his Mythic deck and realises his Dad is still alive. Shuffle follows the clues which take him on a dangerous journey across the plains of America. Soon enough not only bounty hunters are on his trail.

Sci-Fi, Young Adult

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve | Review | Booksmagick

In a future where cities and towns have started to mobilise themselves and race across former Europe, now known as the Hunting Ground, to devour one another for spare parts and work forces, Hester Shaw is keen on avenging her parents’ murder. But Valentine is but a small threat, for the city of London has been building a weapon big enough to destroy mega-cities.