I Should Have Read That | Tag | Booksmagick

Thank you Eline at Aquapages for tagging me! I love to do those tag thingies and geek about books! ❤ 'I should have read that' is a constant companion in the life of a bookseller (sometimes customers tell you that you should have read something because it's 'important' and I just couldn't care less and… Continue reading I Should Have Read That | Tag | Booksmagick


Niemalswelt von Marisha Pessl | Rezension | Booksmagick

Worum geht's? Bee hat seit Jims Tod nichts mehr von ihren Freunden gehört. Ihre Entscheidung, einer Einladung zu einem Treffen der ehemaligen Clique zu folgen, kommt ganz spontan. Nach einer turbulenten Party wieder im Küstenhaus Wincroft angekommen, klopft es an der Tür: Ein Fremder, der den fünf Jugendlichen eröffnet, dass sie in einer Sekunde zwischen… Continue reading Niemalswelt von Marisha Pessl | Rezension | Booksmagick

six for sunday

#SixforSunday | Bookish Couples | Booksmagick

And it’s time for another #SixforSunday, a wonderful tag created by Steph on A Little But a Lot. Go check it out, it’s really cool! This week's topic are bookish couples and I've had a hard time getting six together. I even had to ask my girlfriend what lovely book couples were because I just… Continue reading #SixforSunday | Bookish Couples | Booksmagick


A Bookseller’s Life For Me | Booksmagick

Hi fellow bookdragons! Today I thought I'd share some bits from my job, myths around bookselling and a peek behind the scenes of a bookshop. There is so much to say about bookselling, customers, weird questions, facepalm moments that I will probably make one or two more posts like these. The comic strips used in… Continue reading A Bookseller’s Life For Me | Booksmagick