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Thrillers | Blogtober | Booksmagick

Recently I've rediscovered my love for thrillers, especially psychological ones where you don't know if there's a killer or something supernatural that kills or haunts people. What I don't like in thrillers is when they have an erotic subplot. I think that's just wrong. You also might notice that there are no Stephen King books… Continue reading Thrillers | Blogtober | Booksmagick


Three Books I Meant to Read Last Year | Blogtober | Booksmagick

With a teetering pile of books to choose from I even could pick some that go well together for a photo 😅 There's simply too many books being released every year and as a bookseller I get to see the majority of them - but don't have the time to read so much. Cruel. The… Continue reading Three Books I Meant to Read Last Year | Blogtober | Booksmagick


Reading Challenge Update | Blogtober | Booksmagick

I had the thought of including some fancy graphs and diagrams for my challenge update, then reminded myself that I have never ever in my entire life made a diagram that showed what I wanted it to show #excelhate 😀 So I guess we're doing this the old-fashioned way. I haven't looked at my progress… Continue reading Reading Challenge Update | Blogtober | Booksmagick


Favourite Vampire or Werewolf | Blogtober | Booksmagick

Thinking about this prompt made me realise I need to read more books with vampires or werewolves 😀 I could barely think of anyone, with the exception of that one sparkly vampire haunting my thoughts. Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments came to mind. I remember loving his character back when I read the books… Continue reading Favourite Vampire or Werewolf | Blogtober | Booksmagick