LGBTQIA+, Young Adult

Redwood and Ponytail by K. A. Holt | Netgalley Review | Booksmagick

What's it about? When Tam meets Kate for the first time she sees in her just another pretty cheerleader with a perfect ponytail and perfect life. Kate only sees the tall volleyball player with a perfect life. The more the two hang out the more the masks they wear in public break away and reveal… Continue reading Redwood and Ponytail by K. A. Holt | Netgalley Review | Booksmagick

Fantasy, LGBTQIA+, Young Adult

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo | Review | Booksmagick

Kaz Brekker is the probably the youngest thug in all of Ketterdam, and certainly the most cunning and ruthless. When he is offered thirty million kruge to retrieve a valuable prisoner from the most secure prison in the world – the Ice Court – Kaz and his crew of misfits and criminals venture forth on the biggest heist in history.

Jugendbuch, LGBTQIA+

An Nachteule von Sternhai – Holly Goldberg Sloan & Meg Wolitzer | Rezension | Booksmagick

Bett und Avery können es kaum glauben: Ihre alleinerziehenden Väter haben sich verliebt, als sie zusammen auf der Baumesse in Chicago waren und wollen jetzt, dass sie alle eine Familie werden. Damit sie sich kennenlernen, sollen die Mädchen beide in ein Sommer-Wissenschaftscamp, während die Dads durch China touren. Bett warnt Avery in einer Mail vor, dass sie auf keinen Fall Freundinnen werden können, was diese bestätigt. Doch dann beginnen die Mädchen per E-Mail einander Fragen zu stellen und merken, dass sie sich doch nicht so ungern haben ...

LGBTQIA+, Young Adult

What If It’s Us by Silvera & Albertalli | Review | Booksmagick

Arthur is in New York for the summer, interning at his mother's law firm. The big city is an adventure for Arthur and he expects to be caught up in a Broadway musical any minute. When he meets Ben in a post office he can't stop thinking about him and does everything in his power to find him again. It's like his musical might happen after all.

LGBTQIA+, Young Adult

I Wish You All The Best by Mason Deaver | Review | Booksmagick

When Ben comes out to their parents as non-binary they throw them out of the house in the middle of the night. Ben moves on to live with their older sister, whom they haven't seen in almost a decade. Struggling with anxiety caused by their parents' betrayal and trying to fit in at a new school Ben does their best to navigate the last half of senior year. Not so easy when Nathan Allan - charming, warm and funny - doesn't give up on befriending them.