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Top Ten Thursday #2 | AutorInnen mit A | Booksmagick

Heute mache ich wieder beim Top Ten Thursday mit, der von Aleshanee von Weltenwanderer gehostet wird. Es geht darum, jeden Donnerstag seine Top Ten zum vorgegebenem Thema zu präsentieren. Thema dieser Woche: 10 Bücher von Autoren, deren Nachname mit einem A anfängt Kaum zu glauben, aber in meinem Regal beginnt das Alphabet anscheinend erst bei… Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #2 | AutorInnen mit A | Booksmagick

Manga/Graphic Novel/Comic

Black Torch Vol. 1-3 by Tsuyoshi Takaki | Review | Booksmagick

Jiro has been trained in Shinobi art his whole life but to his granddad's great dismay gets into street fights too often. Gifted with the ability to talk to animals, Jiro doesn't hesitate to save an injured cat which turns out to be a Mononoke called Rago. Rago is hunted by other Mononoke but Jiro hasn't gone through all the trouble of nursing Rago back to health only to see him killed on his watch.

LGBTQ+, Manga/Graphic Novel/Comic

I Hear the Sunspot by Yuki Fumino | Review | Booksmagick

Kohei is hard of hearing and often misunderstood or has to ask the person he is talking to to repeat themselves. Therefore, he remains to himself most of the time. That is until Taichi - cheerful and energetic - literally bumps into him. The fact that Taichi’s voice carries in a way that is easy for Kohei to understand, he starts to hear the world outside his own little bubble again. Perhaps there is still hope for him to live like any other person?